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Xero is beautiful online accounting software for smaller businesses.

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Sometimes its about those little things that make a difference to your business. Smooth trading, ease of documentation, administration flow.

It’s all about Xero and our passion at Rana & Co Accountants Ltd for personal service.

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Accounting made simple, with cloud based software, giving you precious time to focus on growing your business.

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Dext (formerly known as Receipt Bank)

The power of paperless! All receipts in one place. No more pieces of paper, no more headaches. No data entry. Save time, save the planet.

More time on your hands to focus on running your business.

Receipt bank is an app that enables you to simply scan your receipt straight in using your smart phone. This then uploads your receipt to Receipt bank, storing the information for you and connecting with your accounts.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting and Using Dext

Document ManagementDocument Management
You can submit receipts and invoices on the go as soon as you receive it.
Document ManagementMobile Business Data
You can send data to your accountant in real-time, anytime and anywhere. It’s quick, simple and convenient.
Document ManagementExpense Tracking
Your accountant will have real-time data from your business throughout the month, allowing you to claim expenses more accurately and reimburse on time.
Document ManagementDisaster Protection
All documents are stored and managed securely in the cloud
Document ManagementAudit Protection
Access an easily searchable, downloadable record of all transactions and corresponding documents.
Document ManagementFraud Protection
All transactions are displayed in one central location, making it easier than ever to identify these incidents.

Dext revolutionises the collection of expense documents providing you with the technology to send any receipt/invoice to your accountant, as soon as you receive them, no delay or effort, just a few clicks.

Receipt bank services are available for all our customers to use. Working with Rana & Co Accountants, we take care of this as part of our accountancy services with you.

For a full list on “how to use” Dext, please ask your Rana advisor once we start working together.

“I must admit, when I first came across Receipt bank, I thought, oh no not another app? But once I got used to scanning my receipts in, not having to store those bits of paper and feeling safe in the knowledge that my data is being stored. I knew that was one job done that left me free to concentrate on what I love doing best, speaking to my clients.”

Making Tax Digital

Using Xero takes care of making tax digital. MTD is already in place for VAT registered businesses since 2019. It will soon become commonplace. Under MTD for VAT, most registered companies with a threshold of £85k have to keep digital records and file their vat returns using compatible digital software such as Xero.

Why Xero? Xero is the UK’s leading accounting platform. Xero has everything you need to run your business on and as Xero partners, we can provide you with a seamless integration of all your accountancy needs and more.

Making sure your staff are aware of making tax digital and what this means to your organisation. We can provide you with a check list of requirements to ensure this is taken care of.

Accounting for Business – cloud and xero specialists Rana & Co Accountants Ltd make available this time and money saving tool for your business.

Great news! You are invited to use Dext. This is a tool designed to make your life easier. It’s simple to use and the free mobile app makes it quick to send receipts and invoices. No more lost receipts with Dext. No more delivering documents. No more paperwork. Just more time to focus on what matters – your business!

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