Our Story

Our Story

At Rana & Co Accountants we pride ourselves on personal service and put our customers’ needs first. We listen, care and treat all our customers as part of our own organisation and are able to adapt and provide the right services that suit your business and your budget.

We have many years’ experience helping companies to maintain their profits and utilise the growing services that we provide to help their businesses grow.

Operating from strategic locations around the UK and overseas, we have been working hard to provide financial and accountancy services that suit the needs of all our customers and provide the support they need as their business grows and flourishes.

We are a family run business with family ethics.

Financial services that works in tandem with you.


Rana & Co is a family run business with strong cultural ethics and values. The reputation is built up over many years by Mr Abdul Rana himself who has developed a strong customer following and respect.

This “ethos” is to be continued and held high with the “essence” of Rana & Co Accountants as “not just an accountancy firm” but a company that cares, trusts, respects and values their customers from the moment they connect through to the growth of their business.

The message is of Personal Service.

We look forward to serving you well.

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